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Global work platform

AI-Optimized Global IT Delivery

Overcome challenges of globally distributed agile IT teams such as multiple time zones, languages and cultures with Global work platform.

How it Works

Meet all-in-one solution for Global Teams

A global work platform that enables global scale agile.

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Why is the perfect solution for those who want to streamline their global agile workflows and improve developer efficiency.

Global work is rapidly becoming the norm, and with it comes the need for efficient collaboration across borders.

That's where comes in!


Our platform is designed to help global teams work together seamlessly, no matter where they are in the world.


With, you can streamline your workflow, improve communication, and get more done in less time.


Try today and experience the benefits of seamless collaboration. for Global IT Teams

With the ability to connect your favorite developer tools (e.g. Github), agile management platforms (e.g. JIRA), cloud platforms, (e.g. AWS) and communication tools (e.g. Slack) you can easily collaborate with your team across time zones, languages, and cultures.


Try it today and see the difference for yourself.

Create Profile

Set it up once, and you're good to go.

Invite your global team members to create their "Talent Profile" or set one up as a "Partner" or "Freelancer". Add team to Agile PODs.

Track Progress

With you can track your global team's progress in real-time.

Rich Agile & DevOps Metrics

Async Daily Stand-ups/updates

software development enhanced by Artific

Turbo Charge Agile offers an AI-assistant to boost your global agile team's efficiency and developer experience :

AI User stories

AI Test cases

AI Code Analysis

AI Risk analysis

Looking for Top-Tech Talent? connects you with global talent.

Jump start your global agile projects using our top-tier vetted talent sourced from the best global technology talent hubs around the world.

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Our Clients

Why companies like

"Our Agile performance increased & our client satisfaction improved"

We leveraged for our Globally distributed agile teams at Digitivy. The insights gained to improve developer experience were very helpful.


Founder, Digitivy, IT Services company

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