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 Global Collaboration- Simplified

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable global agile teams to collaborate with the same ease as co-located agile teams.

As globalization and technological advancements such as instant messaging & video conferencing evolved, agile teams became increasingly dispersed geographically. This prompted the adaptation of agile principles originally built for co-located teams to suit distributed environments.


A cultural shift became necessary, emphasizing trust, transparency, and communication to foster effective collaboration across time zones and cultures.


However, despite the availability of basic collaboration tools, distributed agile remains challenging and our mission is to provide a platform that simplifies product development when leveraging globally distributed agile teams.

Our Vision

Co-located agile teams, often confined to a single physical location, thrived on face-to-face interactions, fostering quick communication and collaboration. However, as organizations expanded globally and embraced remote work, the need for distributed agile teams became apparent. Leveraging advancements in technology, these teams utilize collaborative tools, video conferencing, and project management platforms to bridge geographical gaps.


The evolution emphasizes adaptability, asynchronous communication, and a more diverse talent pool. While co-located teams benefited from immediate feedback and shared understanding, distributed agile teams prioritize effective communication, cultural sensitivity, and a robust digital infrastructure to ensure seamless collaboration across borders.

Our vision for is to be the leading platform that enables globally distributed agile team collaboration.

Our Story

We are innovators and global technology leaders.

Our founding team has experience leading global agile teams for over 2 decades. As experienced product/technology leaders, we have witnessed first hand the challenges in collaborating with globally distributed teams.

From language barriers to cultural sensitivity to communication gaps due to time zone differences, with the current tools at hand, everyone on a global team wishes they were co-located instead.

We built to help solve these very challenges and make global as easy as local.


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